Great Tips for Wedding Planning


Many couples become overwhelmed when planning their wedding. This is because there are so many things to be arranged for which require time and money. A wedding that is planned way ahead of the wedding date is usually simpler to plan since there is no rush. However, planning a wedding which is too close may cause you a lot of headaches to get everything together by the big day. Due to the rush and anxiety when planning a wedding, many couples often forget some very important factors in include in a wedding. These include marriage one-liners, funny wedding toast, best man responsibilities, among others. You’ll want to be more aware of what are the duties of a best man as well.

When planning a wedding, it is always essential that you start with the three big essentials. These are the guest list, venue, and the budget. You have to consider the number of guests that are likely to attend the wedding. When you have a rough estimate of the expected guests, then you can now look for a perfect venue for the wedding. The venue should be big enough to accommodate all the guests comfortably. It should also be affordable depending on your budget. It is critical that you ensure to stick to your budget to avoid overspending on one area and forget the rest. The decor should also be organized depending on the wedding style and theme. Also, do brush up on marriage one liners.

The wedding dresses are also another great thing to consider. If the bride-to-be has broad shoulders or hips, then it may be important to tailor make their wedding dress rather than buy a ready-made one. The reason behind this is that many ready-made dresses are usually fitting especially on the torso. Thus, you should shop and give your exact measurements so that you get the perfect dress if you are planning to purchase from overseas. However, you can also consider making a dress locally to avoid the frustrations of having a non-fitting wedding dress.

On the other hand, it is good to set responsibilities for the best man to help during wedding planning. Since planning a wedding is a daunting task, the best man will come in handy to help with some arrangements. Apart from the formal arrangements, the wedding should also be made funny, entertaining and full of comedy. You can choose someone who will give a funny and well-rehearsed speech. Leave the tired gags about disloyal husbands and bossy wives and instead peg your thoughts in all form of humor which includes funny marriage quotes. By doing this, everyone will be cheerful and will stay entertained all through the ceremony. Here are wedding planning mistakes to avoid: